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Testimonials | TradeforWine
I had a wonderful time with Guillem and Chandler of wine trade during my Barcelona trip in May 2016. They share their passion knowledge of Catalan wines and their hospitality of open their home to me. Guillem is always responsive to my inquiries. Because of them, i discovered some great Catalan wines. I highly recommend any wine lovers should do the wine trade with them! Absolutely delightful and memorable experience. What an amazing and fun project!

New York City (USA)

We kicked off our trip to Catalunya with a TradeforWine experience at Guillem and Chandler’s home. Our wine friends from Santa Cruz, California had told us about the program, so we went for it! We shared wines we had brought from our home in Paso Robles, California and our hosts shared local Catalan wines – what a special night! We learned about wines from Montsant and Priorat (mind blown!) as well as others. Because of this experience, we changed our plans and headed directly to Priorat from Barcelona, a region we hadn’t even heard of but must be experienced. We highly recommend TradeforWine!

Joanna & Tony

Paso Robles, California (USA)

TradeforWine was an unforgettable highlight of our trip to Spain. We were immediately made to feel at home. We were then educated and entertained while various wines were presented and poured. We got to enjoy new dimensions of the wine experience with Spanish regional wines, discussions of agricultural and alchemy, and slow sips with heightened senses. The perfect evening was complete with abundant laughs, olives and cheese. Thank you TradeforWine for such a good time!!!

Kelly, Tara & Cheryl

New Jersey (USA)

We loved our wine trade with Guillem and Chandler. Not only did they share their passion for and knowledge of the wines of Montsant and Priorat, but they also opened up their home to us. There’s really nothing like meeting local people who love their local wines, and it was a brilliant experience. They also tipped us off about great places to buy and drink wine in Barcelona, which we would never have found by ourselves. Thinking about Trading for Wine with these two? Just do it, you won’t regret it!

Helen & Stuart

Edinburgh, Scotland

From the moment we entered Guillem and Chan’s place we realized how amazing their passion is for wine. We discovered the wines from the regions Priorat and Montsant and we became big fans of Priorat region immediately. At the end we even did a blind tasting to challange ourselves and see if we were able to recognize the differences between both wines and it was so much fun! We totally recommend the experience and wish all the best to Guillem and Chan!

Marina & Ayman


Even though I am not much of a wine drinker, I made the decision to meet with Guillem for my husband’s sake. He really enjoys wine and was really excited about the idea of doing an exchange with a local while visiting Barcelona. To my surprise it ended up being a most pleasant and memorable experience! I’m so glad I did it! My husband was determined to find something I really liked, and he did! We even came home with bottles for me. We look forward to doing this again. I highly recommend it!

Veronica & Chester

Irvine, California (USA)

I visited Barcelona with my girlfriend for the second time and we were very excited to find some of the more well hidden wine shops and foods that could be recommended by people that live in the area. I am pretty well educated in wine, but I was treated to the best wine shops and Guillem was able to communicate with the wine experts to find exactly what I was looking for. I would not have found the wines with my limited Spanish speaking. A highlight was a very affordable R. Lopez de Heredia Vina Tondonia Rioja Blanc 1999. That’s right Blanc. Still had all the acid I enjoy. We were also fortunate enough to attend a wine festival while we were there which we never would have known about.
Tomas & Donna

Santa Cruz Mountains, California (USA)

An amazing wine taste with local varietals, we learned so much! We have visited many wineries around Barcelona and in Spain, and we have attended many wine tastings, but this is something totally different, and the best part, it is not commercial at all. This is not just another wine tasting in Barcelona, this is THE wine tasting to do in Barcelona!!!! It’s a great familiar experience to enjoy with friends. We love the fact that they are able to adapt the experience depending on your interests. Chandler and Guillem were really nice and even offered us to try few opened bottles that they had in their private collection. It definitely felt like tasting with friends.

Xavi & Andrea

Buenos Aires (Argentina)

We love food, wine tasting, and traveling. We love meeting locals because for us it’s the best way to get unique experiences while visiting a different city or culture. If you are looking for that when you travel, Guillem and Chandler are your best choice, they are great foodies and winos and they both have traveled so much. We enjoyed so much tasting wine with them, trying local and unknown wines such as Trepat, Picapoll and Garnatxa blanca. Well done guys, we can’t wait to trade wine again!

Cristina & Giorgio

Venezia (Italy)

TradeforWine is a great project. Marta and I enjoyed a very cool Xarel·lo from Penedès and discovered amazing rare wines that we would have never discovered otherwise. Guillem even advised us where to buy the bottles of wine that we tried and he shared with us a list of great wines for very affordable prices.

Albert & Marta

Barcelona (Catalunya)

Happiness is spending quality time with people who matters the most to me! If there’s a tasty cup of wine, that completes the picture!! Even though my knowledge of wine is very limited… Guillem’s wisdom solves all my questions! Love you guys~ What i great time i had with you two in Barcelona!! x


Hong Kong (China)

I started drinking wine recently (before my favorite “wine” was coca cola). TradeforWine organized a special taste for us where we tried 8 different wines. Guillem gave explanations ranging from basic aspects of wine to the diversity of the different areas of Catalunya. It was great and I personally learned a lot. I definitely recommend to organize this activity with your friends. I can guarantee that you’ll have a lot of fun, especially after the 4th glass, hehehe. As a funny anecdote: I tried to trick Guillem during the wine taste, changing his wine for Don Simon, a very commercial wine you can find in the supermarkets for 1€, while he went to the restroom… When he came back he picked up his glass and drank a few sips of the Don Simon, but soon he made a weird face as if something was wrong. We ended up telling him, and we all enjoyed a good laugh.


Barcelona (Catalunya)

Guillem and Chan prepared a wine tasting that we enjoyed so much, it was very well organized. Isaac and I love the varietal Trepat from Conca de Barberà and it was a great surprise for us to discover that we didn’t know the one he selected for the taste, Trempat 2013 from the winery “Vins de Pedra” is 100% Trepat. Simply amazing. Very unique, signature of the land and refreshing.

Clara & Isaac

Barcelona (Catalunya)

Our favourite aspect of TradeforWine, and especially about Chan and Guillem, is that although they know a lot about wine, they make you feel very comfortable while they talk about wine, using easy explanations always. We love the passion they put into every detail meanwhile enjoying some very cool and unique wines. Great couple and great experience.

Núria & Spa

Mataró (Catalunya)

My boyfriend and I did a wine trade with Guillem and had a fabulous time.  Not only did Guillem expose us to delicious wines but he educated us on each wine.  He has a wealth of knowledge and a true passion.  I recommend this wine trade to anyone traveling to Barcelona with a desire to have an authentic experience, or to anyone who has a love for wine and desire to be in good company.

Emily & Joan

San Francisco, California (USA)